What types of cameras do you use?

2 Sony bloggy toches 4GB & 8GB, And  the HDV910

What types of editing software do you use?

Mainly Sony vegas and Adoby Aftereffects, some times i use Power director 8 for video convirsion and "log and capture"

Where do you get your props at?

Most of them i already had from other videos and old stuf i found.

i have some good web sites for props ill post the links in a few weeks.

What type of computer do you have for video editing?

prosesser: AMD Black edition 4x (stock clock 3.2 Ghz) (Over clocked to 3.6Ghz)

RAM: 16GB DDR3 1333Mhz

HDD: (1 x 1000Gb) (2 x 160Gb) (1 x 500Gb) + (2 x 40Gb not active!) 


Video Idea form

holy shit

lol kid | 10/26/2011

cool vids

cool videos

theyoutubeguy | 09/30/2011

cool videos u guys keep up the good content

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